The Climate and Resilience Education Task Force, comprised of more than 50 NGOs, teachers, climate scientists, students, parents, City, State, and Federal agencies, representing millions of constituents in New York City and across the U.S., was launched on May 31, 2018 - a day when many out-of-town guests were convening in New York City to attend the first RiSC Summit on June 1st at Brooklyn College. It was suggested that the RiSC team convene a meeting with stakeholders to discuss the prospect of working together to advance climate and resiliency literacy in New York City. The meeting was successful and generated interest in continuing the conversations. The Task Force has met regularly since its formation. In November 2018, the body sent a letter to NYC's Chief Climate Policy Advisor, Dan Zarrilli, recommending that mention of the importance of climate and resiliency education be included in the next iteration of NYC's strategic plan, OneNYC2050, published April 2019. The request was acknowledged on page 21,Volume 7, 'A Livable Climate.'

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