Thank you for your interest in
the Resilient Schools Consortium (RiSC) curriculum!

We hope that by exploring our curriculum you are able to increase your own and your students’ knowledge of climate science and resilience. We encourage you to use the RiSC program materials in your classroom or educational program and ask that you follow our Curriculum Terms of Use guidelines when doing so. 


The RiSC project team sees the RiSC curriculum 1.0 as a living document that will evolve with changing times, knowledge, experience and feedback from users. It is housed in a Google drive and is compatible with the Google classroom platform. Lessons and associated resources can be selected, adapted and taught in a way that work for the user, across various disciplines. A RiSC Vulnerability Assessment helps students to assess their schools and communities’ vulnerability to extreme weather events. 


We have included the Google drive link below for access to the curriculum and corresponding materials. If you cannot access them please send us an email. We recommend that you download and save the files to your hard drive or print them out as PDFs. 


RiSC 1.0 Climate & Resilience Curriculum 


Please email us directly at if you have any questions, simply want to connect, or if there’s anything else we can do.


Thank you!


Emily Fano, Heather Sioux, Brett Branco & Helen Cheng

RiSC Program Team 

The Resilient Schools Consortium (RiSC)

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