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Marlowe Starling for Scienceline

RiSC Featured in the MEDIA:
Coney Island Students Welcome Spring, Fortify Nabe Against Flooding With Planting Project
NYC Students Plant Beach Grass at Coney Island Creek Park

Climate Education Program in New York City Provides Hope - NYC students make ‘shore’ Coney Island is safe from storms by planting grasses

National Wildlife Federation's Resilient Schools Consortium Program Presented With FEMA Award


Teachers Explore Climate Resilience Education at RiSC Summer Professional Learning Institute

RiSC Students: Climate Resilience Ambassadors in Coney Island

Case Studies on Adaptation and Climate Resilience in Schools and Educational Settings

Inspiration Book: Arts and Experiential Learning. Building the Foundation for Arts and Experiential Learning  Partnerships for Mitigation and Resilience (FEMA)

New York City Students Restore Native Beachgrass to Stabilize the Shoreline Against Storms

RiSC Students Help Create Living Shorelines in Coney Island Creek Park

National Wildlife Federation, Partners Receive $450,000 NOAA Grant to Promote Climate Resilience Education

Students Present Resiliency Guidelines at Final Resilient Schools Consortium Summit  NYC 

Students Collaborate with Resilience Professionals at first RiSC Summit 

NYC Students Showcase Their Ideas for Creating Resilient Schools and Communities 

Brooklyn students learning how to protect shoreline 

Students become school boiler-room sleuths to assess climate change risks

Resilient Schools Consortium Plans for Springtime NYC Summit  NYC 

NYC Program Empowers Students to Evaluate Climate RiSC 

Brooklyn College receives $500K to promote coastal resilience through environmental literacy

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